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What's Picking?

Scroll down to see what we have planted and when it should be ready to pick!  Updated 07/19/2024

Blueberry season is in full swing.  They are $2.75 a pound.  We are still picking summer raspberries for at least another week.  They are $3.35 a pound this year.  Peas are nearing the end of the season but are still available.  They are $1.75 a pound.  We have opened zucchini and summer squash for picking and they are $0.50 a pound.  Beans and sweet corn are approximately a week away.  We are generally open Wednesday through Saturday from 9am to 8 pm and Sunday from 9am to 5pm.  However, hours are very dependent on weather and demand.  Please call before traveling to ensure we are open.  


Summer Strawberries

Typically ready from Mid June to Early July

Our most popular fruit at the farm!  We've been growing strawberries since 1996 and have expanded from one acre to around five acres.  We typically grow around a dozen different varieties of strawberries to have a varied and extended growing season.  Each strawberry variety has its own unique taste and look so make sure to move around in the fields to get a bit of each one that's ready at the time! 


    Late June to Mid July

    Our first vegetable of the year!  We typically offer Shelling (English) Peas as well as Sugar Snap Peas.  We typically plant a total of one acre in three successive plantings to lengthen the season.

      Green Peas


      Mid July to Early September

      We have been growing blueberries since early 2000 and have expanded to approximately 2 acres of blueberries since then.  We currently grow six different varieties that ripen at various times during the summer.  Each variety has its own unique flavor and size so don't be afraid to come back again to try a different variety later in the summer!

        Summer Raspberries

        Early July to Early August

        We offer two seasons of raspberries on the farm.  The first is our summer varieties.  A smaller, more fragile berry, these grow on taller canes than our later fall raspberries.  Perfect for jams or jellies we have one acre of summer raspberries to choose from!


          Fall Raspberries

          Mid August until hard freeze

          Our second most popular fruit!  Larger, firmer and growing on shorter canes than their summer cousins, fall raspberries are perfect for freezing and enjoying all winter!  We offer one acre of red raspberries and have begun adding black raspberries to this field as well.  We have only one row right now but plan to add more in future years.


            Mid September until Halloween

            We offer both ready picked and pick your own pumpkins of all kinds!  The majority of the field is traditional carving pumpkins but we also grow pie pumpkins, warty pumpkins, stacking pumpkins and various colored pumpkins!

              Row of Pine Trees

              Christmas Trees

              Black Friday to Christmas Eve

              Our newest addition to the farm!  We began planting about ten years ago and now offer Blue Spruce and Fraser Fir.  Nothing over six feet yet but growing taller each year!  Feel free to ask about tagging your tree when you're picking your fruits and vegetables at the farm!  

                Various Vegetables

                Throughout Summer

                Throughout  summer we offer a large variety of pick your own vegetables!  Availability depends on the weather each year but typically includes beans, Sweet Corn, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash.   Call the farm stand to check availability before making your trip!

                  Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market
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