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The Night Before Opening
June 4, 2013


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The Night Before Opening

It was a very busy day today as it always is before we open!  Unfortunately, the weather report predicts that tomorrow will not be the best of days for picking.  For those of you who are new to our Patch, we do allow picking in the rain but in the event of a thunder and lightning storm it is everybody out of the field!

To our veteran pickers, you will notice some change "afoot", so to speak!  We have buried the main-line irrigation pipe so you will no longer have to step over 5" aluminum pipe to get to the little treasures.  We also have more berries planted on plastic for this year's harvest.

We have a new supply of 4 quart baskets for purchase.  Those were very popular last year for picking!  Remember that you can bring any container of your own that you are comfortable picking into. (Don't forget to have us weigh the empty container first!)  I have seen an amazing assortment of containers over the years - planters, wastebaskets, coolers with shoulder straps, colanders, as well as a wide range of bowls! 

Well, whether you join us tomorrow or choose to wait a few days, we hope to see you at the Patch!

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