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June 4, 2013


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June 4, 2013

It's been a while, but we think we have this site back up and running succesfully just in time for the season to start.  Sorry for the internet silence, but long story short technology hates me.  On the plus side, strawberries love me.  We're getting closer and closer to the start of the season.  The first few berries are starting to change over (which of course my youngest granddaughter had to taste, stem and all) so it won't be long now.  We anticipate opening sometime around the 15th of this month, if Mother Nature cooperates.  This cool down will slow down ripening, but we can't tell for how long right now.  Hopefully by this weekend we'll have a better idea of where we're at.

We've got baby blueberries on most of our bushes and the raspberries are beginning to blossom.  That late freeze doesn't appear to have bothered either of them thankfully! 

Peas, potatoes and corn are growing nicely and we hope to get the tomatoes, peppers and beans planted and transplanted tonight! 

Check back with us next week, but we're gearing up and getting ready for opening day!
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